my cartoon form
a favorite place to watch the sunset in Carlisle, PA
rivers and rocks at Belle Isle, Richmond, VA

Hi! Hej! Salve! χαίρε! I’m Claire, and I’m spending this spring semester of my junior year with DIS Scandinavia in Denmark to learn about philosophy, Danish education, and how a sustainable city like Copenhagen is made. I’ve been regularly spotted in hammocks, on bikes, immersed in bodies of water, and lost in listening to music (but never all at once). I attend college in Pennsylvania, but my home is a tiny town outside the capital of Virginia, where my favorite pastimes include perusing used book sales and watching debates break out in the newspaper’s editorial section.

I’m keeping this blog as a digital record of places I go, people I meet, bizarre interactions I have on public transport, etc. for the next five months in Denmark–complete with comics, photos, and hopefully a playlist or two. Are you a concerned relative? Prospective DIS student? Follow along and you can read about my time biking, learning Danish, living in an experimental high school, and other aspects of my slice of The DIS Experience. (Which, as of writing this on January 6th, I admittedly don’t yet know a lot about–but I’m sure that’ll change soon.) I’ll be writing about what I learn in my courses, but also what I do on my own or with friends–because I firmly believe education doesn’t (and shouldn’t) only take place in a classroom!

So why the blog name? When vinyls ruled, records were split in an A-side (for hopeful radio airplay) and a B-side (for lesser-known songs and hidden gems). During this wonderful and uncharacteristic academic year, I’ve been lucky to study and work in Rome and Athens (you can read some of what I wrote in each place at the links). This is the third side–a “C-side”–to this “record” year, and I’m going to share its big highlights alongside its everyday details and deep cuts…

…and besides, Copenhagen happens to start with “C”.

The Fine Print

Home school: Dickinson College
Major: Classical Studies / Educational Studies; Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship certificate
Classes @ DIS: Religious Mythos & Philosophical Logos (core course)
International Advertising in a European Context
Learning in Scandinavian Classrooms
Kierkegaard’s Authorship
Danish Language & Culture
Un-classes @ DIS: Keeping up with Latin and Greek through self-study
Housing @ DIS: Folkehojskole – Roskilde Hojskole

Got Questions? Prospective DIS Student?

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